Inclusion + Diversity

We are a small and passionate Australian team of strong individuals that stand for diversity, equality, equity and inclusion. Levee + Lowe™ has a diversified Board of Directors who all want to create a workplace of acceptance, encouragement and excitement, which helps create a future that includes everyone.

As part of our Inclusion + Diversity Action Plan, we will continue to make improvements across five key areas – our team, our products, our content, our education and our community. 

Our Inclusion + Diversity Action Plan has been developed using archival data and research from key organisations in diversity, such as; Diversity Council Australia, Pride in Diversity, Workplace Gender Equality Agency and the Australian Network on Disability. 

Our Team

We strive to ensure our team reflects that of our customers and our community. 

Our Products

Our products were created to make people look and feel their best, by enhancing their own beauty. We strive to always offer products that meet our customer's needs.

Our Content

We will continue to work with a diverse group of talented content creators, artists, designers, models, and collaborators for our marketing, advertising and social media imagery.

Our Education

All of us here at Levee + Lowe™ truly believe that education and learning is lifelong. Education is one of the strongest steps - as individuals - we can take towards transformational change.

Our Community

As an important step in our continually support for First nation communities, we are in the process of developing our first Reconciliation Action plan (RAP) to help bridge the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Our commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable business practices ensures we are limiting environmental damage