About Us

The creation of Levee + Lowe in 2018, came about the frustration by the lack of ecologically sound personal care products that were all packaged in single-use plastics and no focus on sustainability. There was and still is, huge amounts of single-use plastics in the personal care industry, especially in the men's grooming area.

We decided to make our own plant-based personal care products that are class-leading and harmonious with our own natural skin and hair chemistry. Merging the knowledge from nature and science in a unified manner has enabled us to develop products free of harmful chemicals, support environmentally friendly practices and are rich on those elements of nature that are beneficial to the body, the mind and the soul. We believe in the POWER of nature to bring you tangible results.

We are replacing the old genre that is all about vanity, with a eco-conscious journey about uncompromising quality and authentic artesian craftmanship.

What does Levee + Lowe™ mean?


"An embankment Built to prevent the overflow of a river"

Usually made of earth (can be manmade) which provides protection from water overflow and invaders to certain areas that may not be accessible to humans. This defensive and protective mechanism made us think about the botanical ingredients of our natural world and how they can be utilised to protect our skin and hair from free radicals.


"A warm light, especially one produced by fire"

The importance of fire in human evolutionary history has been widely documented and acknowledged. Fire provides us with warmth and light which gives us social nexus and relaxation effects. The process of renewal and regeneration after a fire is a process we took an interest to. That is why we strive to regenerate our planet and our skin, in a more harmonious way.


Formulating premium botanical products that are based on science ensures we avoid using questionable or harmful chemicals such as: Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS), Parabens, Silicones, Petrochemicals and many more health impacting ingredients that are known to be hormone disruptors.