Our Levee + Lowe beard oil includes Jojoba and Argan oils, because of their similarity with your body’s own oils, making them easy for your hair and face to absorb.

The TRUTH About Beard Oils and The Top 5 Benefits Why You Should Be Using Them

Decided to grow out your beard? Perhaps you’re looking for a different look? Or maybe you need the right tools to care for your facial hair? There's a considerable amount of grooming to be done before any beard can reach its full potential, and behind every great and healthy-looking beard is a great beard oil.

What is beard oil?

It is a go to grooming product that is an all-in-one solution to maintaining a healthy beard. Typically, beard oils are a mixture of carrier and essential oils that deliver important nutrients to hair follicles to help facilitate a healthy environment for follicle growth. No matter the length of your beard or even if your beard is in great shape, a high-quality natural beard oil is a great way to keep the beard soft, skin moisturised, itch free while reducing and eliminating beard dandruff. This means strong, healthier facial hair and growing conditions.

Our Levee + Lowe beard oil includes Jojoba and Argan oils, because of their similarity with your body’s own oils, making them easy for your hair and face to absorb.

Does Beard Oil make your beard grow faster?

Currently, there is no evidence to suggest that using a beard oil will make your beard grow faster. The amount of beard hair you can grow is based on a variety of factors such as sleep, nutrition, exercise, environment, supplementation, hydration, and the main factor being genetics. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t maintain healthy beard growing conditions by incorporating beard oil and other grooming products.

Key ingredients in Levee + Lowe beard oil:

Vitamin E: A fat-soluble antioxidant that helps increase blood flow to the skin beneath your beard which increases oxygen availability. This can potentially help provide the perfect environment for your hair follicles to growth.

Castor Oil: Contains 85-95% Ricinoleic Acid which has been scientifically proven to increase hair density by stimulating the production of prostaglandin E2, which is known to promote the thickness of hair coming out of the follicles.

Not only that, Castor oil also reduces Prostaglandin D2, which is linked to hair follicle miniaturization and reduced hair growth.

Note: This is not proof that Ricinoleic Acid increases beard growth, but at least shows us that it may theoretically have a positive hormonal effect in humans.

Do Essential Oils help with beard growth?

Not only do essential oils provide pleasing aromatics, some contain antiseptic and antibacterial compounds, as well as anti-dandruff and anti-itch properties.

It’s important to remember that all pure essential oils are extremely potent and condensed forms of plants, tree resins, flowers, and fruits. This is why essential oils are diluted, typically with carrier oils, to prevent any skin irritations or reactions.

A 2016 study showed Lavender Oil provided hair growth stimulation, which helped hair follicles grow thicker and faster.

Research conducted by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology has shown Tea Tree essential oil contains compounds that unclog pores on the scalp. The deeply moisturising properties contained in Tea Tree oil helps reduce dryness, flakiness, and itchiness.

1. Provides essential minerals and vitamins
Levee + Lowe Beard oil is jammed packed with high quality carrier oils that contain vast minerals, vitamins and fatty acids that improve skin health beneath the beard to help support stronger, healthy hair growth.
2. Softens and Strengthens beard hair
Softens and conditions dry/rough hair. After 2 weeks of using beard oil, you’ll notice a difference in your beard!
3. Hydrates and protects the skin beneath the beard
Maintaining beard health starts with maintaining skin health. Beard oils moisturises and restores the epidermis by providing a protective lipid layer.
4. Reduces Itchiness
Itchiness an all-too-common condition for those with a beard or growing a beard. Regularly hydrating your skin with beard oil helps reduce itchiness and inflammation, in turn reducing beardruff!
5.Smells great!
Levee + Lowe beard oils are uniquely infused with essential oils and act as alternative to artificially scented colognes (that can be made up of over 300 different chemicals). Whether you’re on the hunt for a deep woodsy scent, lighter citrus notes or even sweet orchard aromas, there’s a scent for every occasion.
Here at Levee + Lowe we pride ourselves on educating our community and being transparent. Merging the knowledge from nature and science, we want you to be informed about what is in our products and also know what you are buying! 
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