From the classic goatee to the chin strap – and even mutton chops –facial hair can help emphasise your features, bring out your personality and take your look to a whole different level. If you’re considering growing out your facial hair or want to change up your style, continue reading to see the top common styles.

Stubble Beard

Shortest of the beard styles and somewhat ambiguous. We consider this style to be the easiest and simplest to pull off. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, stubble can be anything from just one day to a couple of weeks to grow in. This style suits perfectly for those not wanting to commit to growing out a full beard OR if your facial hair is not thick when it grows. The short length of the stubble beard can help disguise any patchiness. You can maintain this look relativity easy with a facial hair trimmer, shaving the cheek and neckline is optional.


The Van Dyke Beard

A beard style that has been around since the 17th century and named after the famous painter, Anthony Van Dyke. It is a full goatee with a pointed moustache and chin beard separated at the corners. The Van Dyke has a lot of personality to it and it’s a great beard style for those with patchy beard growth on their cheeks. However, you can grow different variations of the Van Dyke and goes with different face shapes. Definitely a low maintenance beard style, only requiring neat and defined edges and the rest of the face is shaven.

The Ducktail Beard

Easily identifiable beard style because the end of the beard comes to a point like a duck’s tail. The key to this signature beard style is developing a long enough section at the chin that it tapers in and curls forwards. Sides of the beard can be growth to whatever length you desire. Since this is a longer beard hair style, you will want to use a beard oil and balm to keep your hair well hydrated and healthy. Regular trims with scissors or hair trimming will be needed.

The Moustache Beard

Quite a simple beard style, basically a strip of hair above your upper lip. Various style adaptations to suit everyone’s personality.

The Mutton Chops

An old-school short beard style that can be tidy and stylish, or as wild as you want it to be. The Mutton Chop beard extends from the sideburns, down the jaw, to join a moustache but leaves the chin bare.  

The Short Beard

Full-coverage beard without the length. Can take from two weeks and a few months depending on how quick your facial hair grows. A universal style beard that suits anyone and everyone. Maintenance is easy with trimmers or scissors. A good quality beard oil will help maintain the health of your facial hair and skin.

The Full Beard

This requires patience! The full beard is a journey of self-discovery that can take over a year, depending on how long you want to grow it. It’s important to remember moisture is important to keeping your full beard hydrated and healthy, so use a beard oil. A beard balm that contains wax should be used to help style your full-grown beard.
full beard style

The Goatee Beard

Typically defined by a short, sometimes pointed beard on the chin, resembling to the tuft of the hair on a goat’s chin. Generally, it is kept at a length of half-inch to one inch and covers the chin, but popularity and look wise, many combine a moustache. There are plenty of goatee variations to suit any occasion, style, and personality.
Deciding on which beard style you want can sometimes be tricky, frustrating and nerve wrecking. Fortunately, we’ve complied some of the most popular facial hair styles currently but there is no limit to how you can style your facial hair. A good place to start is by finding the styles that appeals to you and narrowing down your selection from there. Get creative and see which style suits your lifestyle, routine, work, and hair style. Remember to take great care of facial hair and use good quality products to maintain their health.
Till next time!
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