Ambassador Highlight: Meet Twitch Streamer Chris aka Snuggie

Ambassador Highlight: Meet Twitch Streamer Chris aka Snuggie

We are excited to announce our first ever Bearded Levee + Lowe Brand Ambassador, Twitch stream, Chris aka Snuggie (He/Him/Sir/Snuggie). Chris recently became a Twitch Partner (Purple Tick Verification), enabling him to continue his content creation and provide an inclusive and safe environment for all viewers.

You're probably wondering, what is

Twitch is the go-to live streaming service used around the world by creators of content that spans gaming, entertainment, music, sports, and more. Most people know Twitch because of its popularity amongst video game enthusiasts. There are both free and paid versions of Twitch.

Tell Us About Yourself

My name is Chris akaSnuggie and I'm just your average Queer Colored-Hair Bear and Disabled Army Veteran who streams on Twitch.

What was your earliest memory of video games?

I played video games ever since I was able to hold a controller.

"My favourite memories were my father bringing home a new NES cart for me, or sometimes two, whenever he would come back from working overseas."

He worked in oil so he was always overseas working on a new project and would be gone for 3-12 months at a time. Video games distracted me from him being away, but also reminded me that he cared and was sacrificing so much for us.

Favourite streaming moment?

My favorite streaming moment is hard to pin down because I've had so many. I would say probably going to my first major event after starting streaming, TwitchCon, and having people I didn't know actually come up to me and thank me for streaming and creating a safe welcoming space for them to be themselves free of judgement.

How long have you been growing your beard for?

I started at the beginning of 2016 and it has been through many cycles of growing out and trimming up.

"I mainly keep it trimmed and faded down on the sides."

What’s been your beard inspiration?

I had to look this up to be honest because I never had a specific person, mainly just style developing over time and what I thought look best as my beard grew over time. I'd have to say Greg Berzinsky, 100%. His style and his attitude has always impressed me throughout the years.

And finally, we have to ask, how are you finding the products?

Levee and Lowe is amazing. It's hard to find good quality products for thicker beards, especially since so many new brands pop up consistently since many men grew out the "pandemic beard" over the past few years. I like that there is not an overabundant amount of selection and that the different scents are coordinated and make sense. I've had some, oils especially, in the past that just seem like a random mixture of different scents thrown together but the ones that I've used so far, have been amazing. It's also hard to find one that your partner enjoys just as much as you do and it seems like we are on the same page when it comes to Levee and Lowe.
Chris aka snuggie twitch partner sticker cartoon drawing
You can catch Chris aka Snuggie live on Twitch four (4) times a week at Or follow Chris on Instagram and Twitter @akasnuggie
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